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Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two. 

Selling a home today takes more than just hiring any agent. It takes more than giveaways and tricks to get a house sold for top dollar. It requires hiring a professional agent with a solid marketing plan who works harder, longer, and smarter than the competition… Rudy has a 30-day marketing plan to sell your house fast at top dollar.

Ms. Wen

VIP Home Buyer Client | San Gabriel, CA, Zillow

Rudy is a very energetic and enthusiastic person who loves what he does and is fun to work with. I found his knowledge and skills to be impressive and have learned much from him through the sale of this property and purchase of a couple others. He is a person of integrity and sincerely enjoys helping others. I would highly recommend Rudy to anyone and everyone and know I will be working with him on my future deals.

John O’Dowd

VIP Home Buyer Client | Orange County, CA, Trulia

Rudy is very knowledgeable and skillful in the field. He is also a very helpful person. Overall, I’m very satisfied with his service and most likely i will use his service again for my next real estate deal!

Sandy C.

VIP Home Buyer Client , Yelp

Buying a home in this area was a long and arduous process for us. Rudy and his team made it possible. He has a wealth of information and expertise in dealing with a myriad of different sellers and agents. With a long vacation lined up on our end, Rudy hadhis dateline. It was an unforgettable day when he handed us the key to our very own house! Thank you, Rudy for an excellent work!the competition… Rudy has a 30-day marketing plan to sell your house fast at top dollar.

John H.

VIP Home Buyer Client | San Gabriel, CA, Trulia

Buying a first home could be an overwhelmed experience but Rudy helped a lot throughout the whole process. His knowledge is second to none and he explained all the information that we need prior to the purchase. He is very skillful and helpful. He makes the buying process so breeze and almost hustle free. We are very satisfied with the service that he provides. Thank you so much for your dedication to provide an excellent service. We will recommend him to our family and friends who is in the market for home purchasing. Thank you Rudy!

Lucas T.

VIP Home Buyer Client | Chino, CA, Yahoo Real Estate

Rudy and his team are very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. He assisted my wife and I selling our rental property through a short sale process. He made us feel secure and confidence going through a process that was foreign to us due to his comprehensive knowledge of the process. Heis also very patient and straight forward in explaining everything. He does not try to sugar coat any thing just to get our business. All in al, we are very pleased with the service provided by Rudy and his team.


VIP Home Buyer Client | Rosemead, CA, Yahoo Real Estate


RI just bought a house for the first time ever. I started house hunting with a different realtor and he just wasn’t performing so I contacted Rudy’s team and they set me up working with Richard Hunt one of Rudy’s team members. So I told Richard I’m a Veteran with no money down and using a VA loan. Richard and his team didn’t just get me Pre Approved but got me Approved to making my the offer I put in on a house the same as cash.
The first day I met with Richard he had a stack of house ready for me to look at in my price range.
Richard and I looked at many house and I could call or text anytime of the day or night and he would answer. Richard didn’t go the extra mile he went 1a extra 100 miles and gave me 110% the whole time I was looking for a place. We found a place put in a offered and got the place for $12,000 under the original price and closed in 21 days. I highly recommend Rudy’s team especially Richard Hunt if you are looking for a straight shooter and isn’t in it for the money he truly cares about people and wanting to help them. Richard isn’t smoke and mirrors like other realtors I have dealt with in the past. I will be sending everyone I know to Rudy and his team.

Mike H.

VIP Home Buyer Client, Yelp

Chris Solis helped me purchase my new home in San Bernardino County! I had a lot of (what I thought) to be stupid questions but Chris was able to explain the process. He is patient and helpful. Rudy Kusuma has a good team! Chris is a good negotiator for closing costs and he is bilingual as well!

Matt S.

VIP Home Buyer Client, Zillow Review

Since the day we met Michelle Leonardi & Rudy Kusuma everything was fabulous! I found Rudy Kusuma – Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty from the top one reviews in Zillow. We trusted them on the sale of my house because they have the 35,000 cash buyers in waiting. And they got us multiple cash offers in the first week without putting the house on market. Then we entrust her with the buying side and we also got an offer market new built home right away. I’m very pleased with the constant communication and could always reach Michelle even at late hours. We love her negotiation skills and we are very pleased and happy to have met this great team. Michelle is the greatest! We have already set her up with a few of my friends for their real estate deals. Rudy & Michelle will be my realtors for life!!! Thank you!!

Vivian O.

VIP Home Buyer Client, You Tube Review

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